March 22nd, 2018
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Edchron is short for The Ed Chronicle, which aims to be the global portal for education trends and news for educators, parents and students.
Our mission at is to cover news on education, with angles for educators, parents and students with different articles. Our vision is to be the biggest global portal for education in 2015. For that to happen we want critical and constructive opinions from educators, accurate news reporting, critical and astute opinion and thoughts to responsibly provoke a constructive discussion. Essentially there are 3 category types of writing – opinions, news reporting, blogging.
As the world’s education interest differs for the regions and continents, we welcome writers / bloggers from all over the world to participate and be part of as our contributors. We aim for every article to be between 400 – 600 words, and a direct and personal writing style. That means no thesis, white papers, journal-eque entries. We also do not publish press releases unless our team internally feels these press releases have clear benefits for and value to our readers.
We also do not provide monetary remuneration to contributors (we are looking for contributors whose ideas and thoughts are worth more than a $50 payment for an article). By joining our community of writers, you are getting yourself and your articles good publicity on and this is your ticket to be a top blogger / contributor on the portal.
If you think you have what it takes, and if your articles yearn for a bigger audience, get in touch and let’s start talking.
Friz A.B.,

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