March 22nd, 2018
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The Ed Chronicle is the world’s education news, opinions and trends portal. At, we aim to provide educators with all the news updates they need in one place.
Our writers:
Friz A.B. is the managing editor of He ensures the writers are satisfied and happy, whilst they report accurate and timely news coverage, opinions and trends.
Jonathan Henley a writer at He enjoys reading about the education trends in Asia. He finds the US education landscape too fragmented. Jonathan focuses on health and Asian education on
Macey Hendrick is the editor for the Opinions and EdNews section. Macey has a strong interest in education, seeing how her children will soon attending their first day of school in 2015. It’s not easy managing 2 sets of twins but Macey has got it covered; she only has triplets and they’re all boys.
Kimberly Sess is our hyperactive Duracell bunny who focuses on K-12 and UK education. She writes for as a contributor.
If you would like to join our team as a contributor, or would like to contribute an article for publishing considerations, please email the editor at
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