December 13th, 2017
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5 Benefits of Extra Curricular Activities

EdChron Desk on February 23, 2017 - 8:06 am in Opinions, The Good Stuff


It is very necessary to allow your child to get engaged in extracurricular activities at school.

Education is getting diversified with time. In earlier days, learning from books and sitting in an exam and performing well was the ultimate meaning of high school education. However, today everything children do from sports activities to creative writing is part of their education and comes under the banner of extracurricular activities.

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So what exactly are the advantages of such activities other than fun and games? Let’s find out.

Benefit #1 – Learning Time Management

Prioritizing things in life can prove very helpful in organizing what to do first and what to save for last can help in time management. As adults, we tend to get all hustled in life disregarding our precious time. So if our teens learn early on, that what value time has and how they should spend it then it will be beneficial to them when they grow up.

Benefit #2 – Developing Interests

Getting involved in extracurricular activities allows children to develop an interest in diverse fields such arts, crafts, music etc. Not only is it worthwhile but it will also help children learn new things and explore various interests they may have. Such activities may ignite serious passion in children that they may even consider that particular interest as a career choice in the upcoming future.

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Benefit #3 – Long-Term Commitments

Being allowed to participate in extracurricular activities gets children involved in the happenings of their school. They may join various clubs or houses of interest as part of it. This will teach them a very valuable life lesson of long time commitment. When children become a part of a club, they are taught to be committed to working in it and for it without quitting and this can teach them how to carry out such behavior on a bigger, more serious scale when they grow up and probably become part of a firm.

Benefit #4 – Getting Social

Extracurricular activities teach children how to participate in social activities and learn how to behave in social situations. Becoming a part of a team, which is working towards the same interest as them, helps in building solid friendships and they develop better social skills.

Benefit #5 – Self Esteem

Teens getting involved in extracurricular activities gives a boost to their self-confidence as they strive to perform well amongst other. Teenage is that time of life where no one is sure of what they want to do and where their interest lies. So extracurricular activities provide that stage to teens that are struggling with their self-esteem to learn what they can do best and showcase it to everyone else.

Just like these few that I mentioned, benefits of extracurricular activities are endless. Just keep check as the activities don’t replace studies and our child will be good to go. And the next time your child asks you for permission in order to take part in extracurricular activities then you should allow it as not only will it prove advantageous for the time being but will have profitable long term affects well.

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