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5 Stylish Floating Levitating Planters as Gifts for Teachers

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Modern gadgets are magical and fascinating in terms of designs, creativity and their aesthetic appearances. Most of them are stylish and of course, those are good for decoration around your house and serve as wonderful gifts for teachers and students as well.

Floating or Levitating gadgets became one of the most decorative gadgets and popular gifts for your beloved ones. They came in different shapes and forms .. Oh!

Our team picked up 5 stylish floating (or) levitating planters or pots for this week.

1) Lyfe Planter by Flyte

Lyfe Planter is unique and stylish 12 sides geodesic silicon planter that hovers over an oak base via magnetic levitation system. It was designed to gently rotate 360 degrees of sunlight exposure to nourish the plant’s life. Overall design and its different shades of geodesic floating over oak base make relaxing experience in your home or office. The price seems a bit expensive but you will get better looking one.


Image by Fyfle


Image by Fyfle

2) Levitating Pot for Plant and Bonsai by OTOBA

Typical and Japanese pine wood look alike wooden texture levitating pot for plant or bonsai by OTOBA. Float in the mid-air, gently spinning, surrounded by 4 LEDs light and providing relaxing experience for yourself or your family. The floating system can bare of the weight no more than 200g so you can also put your jewelry or candle light in it.


Image by OTOBA

3) Floating Bonsai Tree – Magicall Flies in Space – Traditional Chinese Pot by Lancaster Gifts

Even though the plant is forbidden to export but we list this amazing, unique and traditional Chinese pot for traditional home style decoration lovers. The depicting Chinese ink in the powered based base is the most fascinating for this product. Slowly spinning floating bonsai tree in the midair makes relaxing and mediating experience.


Image by Lancaster Gifts

4) LED Magnetic Levitation Air Bonsai Suspension Flower Pot Potted Plant by SOGAR

Mystery alike LED levitating pot is another way of decoration for your living room, office and kitchen. It can be not only as a perfect gift but also perfect marriage for gadget enthusiasts and home decorative lovers. This combo artistic and high tech
creation is one of the best gadgets to be placed somewhere in your living place. The price is a bit expensive but it’s truly unique.


Image by SOGAR

5) Japanese style Levitating Air Bonsai Pot

If you are truly lover of Japanese style living, this gadget is a must for you. There are tons of Japanese style home decorations and gadgets on the shelves of decoration sellers but this one is unique one. Its aesthetic look and creative ornaments is a ideal for your living room or office associated with “Living with Nature” philosophy. The craftsmanship of the levitating pot and base is so fascinating and relaxing. Why are you waiting for asking someone as a gift to you?

Image by Thinker9999


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