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Video: Incredibly scary journeys to school around the world

You think your travel to school is insane? Watch these scary journeys to school captured on video.
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Don’t you just hate it when it takes at least 45 minutes to get to school so early in the morning?

Consider ourselves, and our children, lucky.

In many less developed countries around the world, students and teachers hike for miles and hours to get to school. Sometimes, the terrain is just impossible to walk on. Education may be something we are entitled to, but for others not as fortunate, it could be their only ticket to a better life. They risk drowning and falling to their deaths in their quest for education.

Here are some videos of the perilous journey some students and teachers around the world take, just to get to school to study.

China (gondola)

China (ladder)

Columbia (zipline)

Indonesia (bridge has now been replaced)

Indonesia (river crossing)

Vietnam (river crossing in plastic bag)

India (river crossing)

The next time we are stuck in traffic, or waiting for a bus that is behind schedule, let’s take a step back and appreciate what we have.

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