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US: 4 open-secret beaches you wished someone told you about

Have you been to any of them?
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We all love planning a beach holiday, and for most any beach will do the trick. However, there is something about spending time on a secluded beach in America that even the most stressed-out person can find relaxing. If you are looking for a private and beautiful beach in the U.S., not only there are hundreds to choose from, you just wouldn’t know what could be a good trip for you without hours of research. Luckily, we have outlined four of the many open-secret beaches that you need to check out the next time you’re planning a beach break or a camping trip.

Caladesi Beach

The Caladesi Island State Park is one of the few completely natural islands along Florida’s Gulf Coast, Caladesi´s white sand beaches were rated America’s Best Beach in 2008. Beach lovers can enjoy swimming, sunbathing and beachcombing. For Florida natives, this is a fantastic place to get back to nature. This beach is only accessible through private ferry, but you will not want to miss it if you are in the area. Spend time taking in the beautiful wildlife while you relax by the beach. Here you will find many species of birds, tortoises and armadillos that are all willing to share the beauty of Florida with you.

Get more information here, and view more photos here.


Queen’s Pond

Queen’s Pond is located within Polihale Beach, and this beach is one of the longest continuous sand beaches in all of Hawaii, stretching 15 miles (24 km) along Kauai’s west shore. The beach is also one of the widest in Hawaii, averaging 300 feet (91 m) during the summer months. According to To-Hawaii.com, this beach has been named Polihale, which literally means “the home of the underworld (Po)” in Hawaiian. It is believed that it is here where the souls of the dead depart for Po, the underworld.

Gosh that sounds eerie. But it’s incredibly beautiful.


The only relatively safe place for a swim is at Queen’s Pond, a shallow pond with a sandy bottom surrounded by a protecting reef. Becuase swimming is not possible at Polihale Beach on most days of the year due to rough ocean conditions, most people come here to relax, picnic, camp and enjoy the views.

This beautiful beach is in an area that is already known for beauty – Hawaii. If you happen to visit this beach, be sure to bring a beach towel or a chair to lounge in. You can spend hours on this beach enjoying the view and relaxing after a hard day of sightseeing.

View more photos here.

Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach is known as such for the ruby-like crystals that get washed ashore. These crystal are by-products of glaciers that used to exist in the area many years ago. It is the northernmost of the southern beaches in the coastal section of Olympic National Park in the U.S. state of Washington. Like almost all beaches on the northern coast, Ruby Beach has a tremendous amount of driftwood. They add to the breathtaking landscape that defines the beaches in the Park.

Tripadvisor suggests to “take a stroll among the giant boulders, marvel at the rugged coasline, or simply sit on a log and revel in the fresh salt air.”

“In summer, the beach is often crowded, but mid-week visitors will usually find plenty of free space to explore and enjoy. Like most of the Washington coast, Ruby Beach is often fog-shrouded or storm-swept, but on a clear or partly-cloudy day, the sunsets can be spectacular. Ruby Beach for photographers is like a candy store for kids… if you’ve brought a camera – and no one should visit this beach without one! – be sure to stay and watch as the setting sun plays among the rocks and turns the beach into a sparkling jewel.”

Malaquite Beach

Padre Island National Seashore separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Laguna Madre, one of a few hypersaline lagoons in the world. The park protects 70 miles of coastline, dunes, prairies, and wind tidal flats teeming with life. It is a safe nesting ground for the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle and a haven for 380 bird species. The beach has picnic tables in shaded areas and is never crowded throughout the year. Well, you have 60 miles worth of coastline to choose the perfect spot for you. A little heads-up: the facilities available aren’t top-notch.

Here’s a video from the observation deck on a busy Saturday afternoon by a Youtube user:

For beach lovers everywhere, the above are just a few of the beaches not many holiday goers would head to. Not all of them are glorified and glamorous with all the touristy facilities. But if you’d like an amazing experience just to appreciate the beautiful beaches and coastline, check them out. They offer the beauty that locals love and the seclusion that we all need from time to time.

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