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6 ridiculously cool gifts for your teacher on Teacher’s Day

Here are six neat gift ideas that will have your teacher remember you by.
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So Teacher’s Day is today and you want to give them the best gifts possible. Maybe because you adore them or maybe because you want a good grade (we doubt bribing works), we won’t judge! Here are six neat gift ideas that will have your teacher remember you by.

School supplies diaper cake

This goes down the same path as giving your teacher school supplies (boring) but you can spruce it up and garner attention when you turn it into an artistic display. You don’t have to make a huge “cake”, even a small desktop tower will do. Trust me, teachers will appreciate anything that comes with effort and from the heart.



Image via Heather Flater, Pinterest

Grammatical wall clock

English is a weird language. Remember when we had to learn the difference between the three theres? Maybe you are still learning it. Gift an English teacher a grammar wall clock and help them passively teach students the difference!



Teaching flask

This is for the more mature student, high school or college age. Give your teacher a ‘teaching mug’ that is a flask! They won’t admit to using it but they will enjoy the sentiment.



Humorous ties

For the teacher who appreciates a bit of dressy humour. Zazzle has a huge array of cool ties only teachers would appreciate. These days, we call these the hipster neckties, where everything that used to be uncool are now making a cooler-than-ever fashion statement. If your math teacher asks you what the math functions on the tie say, run!




Hand sanitizer

Teachers consume hand sanitizer like an SUV consumes gasoline. Give not just a gift of cleansing chemicals but add some wit behind it. It’s functional and incredibly thoughtful. Add a little touch of love with a nice message scrolled on a tab like how the guys at ourthriftyideas.com did!



A loaf of bread

If you really want to leave an impression on a teacher try a loaf of bread! We don’t mean just any loaf of bread. Be witty about it and show your teacher there is method behind your madness.



Teachers aren’t really a tough lot. Even Severus Snape has emotions, and he mixed with the wrong company (we won’t mention names here). At the end of it all, your teacher while these are nice doesn’t really need gifts. They just need you to tell them that all their efforts in teaching and guiding you to be a better student and person have all been worth it.

If you haven’t gotten any gifts for your teacher, we suggest to take a page out of your notepad and start writing a handwritten letter to your teacher. Remember how a message of encouragement from a teacher on your homework made you feel? It’s time you return the favour and encourage your teacher to keep calm, and carry on.

Students: What are some of the best gifts you’ve given on Teacher’s Day?

Teachers: What are some of the best gifts you’ve received from students on Teacher’s Day?


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