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9 things you should never say to a teacher

What are some things you as a teacher hate to hear from parents or colleagues?
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Whether a teacher is your colleague or work at your child’s school, as in any profession, treat them as professionals first. They work twelve hours a day to make sure your little spawn becomes a functional adult after all. Here are nine things you should never say to a teacher.

Teaching kids is easy, they’re kids. Teaching adults is much harder.

I’m sorry, have you ever tried to take a blank slate and explain all of society, or the alphabets to it? Have you ever tried to settle a classroom of sugar fuelled gremlins that are the future of our species? Didn’t think so.



Can your class be more fun like mine (or like Ms Liam’s)?

No, I prefer my classroom to be bland and boring. Thanks but no thanks. I’ll leave fun teaching to the select masters like you.

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You don’t have your own kids? How can you teach?

And you’re doing a great job teaching your child to behave in my classroom. But don’t mind me with all my degrees and professional training. They don’t mean anything when compared to the experience of unprepared parenthood.



Since they get all summer off teachers don’t need a raise.

Yeah… about all that ‘time off’. Even though teachers work weekends, and 12-hour weekdays, teachers are teachers because of passion and not money. Tell that to David Beckham, or Lionel Messi, or Luis Suarez.

Let teachers get a second job, let them handle an ever-expanding workload, a bigger class size. Teachers don’t mind. Did I mention the minds of the future are in their hands? Why would we compensate someone with that level of influence? Such frivolous spending.

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Teaching must be great, you get all summer off!

Yes, I get all summer off to take county required courses to improve my teaching, plan next year’s curriculum, and teach summer school. It’s stellar.



They say those who can’t do, teach.

Yes, six years of school and I’m still incompetent. I can barely even function in the workplace. I have to teach because it’s just the only thing I could get a job in.



From one teacher to another, “Sometimes I just want to kill them all.”

Okay, I’ve thought about it too but… Things get real when you say it aloud. And I might just have to go talk to someone about you.



Are you planning on really teaching one day? Like college?

Yes because only teaching adults makes a difference and matters. And everyone in the teaching community will only respect me if I am a tenured professor.



“I wish I could teach elementary school. It’s just babysitting and crayons, compared to my college students.”

Is that truly what you think? Oh you poor soul you are so very wrong. And I pity you.

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What are some things you as a teacher hate to hear from parents or colleagues?


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