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5 incredible Youtube videos of angry teachers

Before you go viral for all the wrong reasons, think about these videos, take a step back, and count to ten.
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Back in the 1980s, or even 90s, teachers faced testing students, and some lost their anger. But back then, when students talk about that “crazy teacher”, they didn’t have video evidence to verify their claims. Now with smartphones to film the wacky and sometimes frightening antics of some teachers, it’s easy to see why self-control and extreme patience is one of the main criteria for teachers-to-be.

We’ve scoured Youtube and wrangled up five of the most incredible teacher fits caught on video.

Here is a female teacher raging at her students, presumably not prepared for class and talking too much. Oh we’ve all had that teacher we could push to the edge. You can just hear the desire to strangle him in her voice. We’re not sure if the students are deliberately pressing the teacher to flip, but one thing’s for sure – that was bad for the teacher’s throat.

Uploaded on May 2011, the video description reads: “Substitute teachers gets mad at the class for making fun of his head! LOL Comment Please!” Well. It is disrespectful to make fun of a teacher’s head, but that was probably the last straw for this substitute teacher.

She’s stylish and teaches with no regrets. If this happened in America it would be on the news for weeks! Props to her for the flawless transition from rage to lecture. Of course, in today’s world of smartphones, no one calls each other anymore. We just Snapchat, or Whatsapp. But if you do answer your cell phone in class, at least have a cool ringtone. And don’t answer your cell phone is class!

It was a fine day. The professor was teaching his class of over 220 students as per normal when suddenly a loud, low yawn was heard. This yawn wasn’t contagious, but the lecturer probably wanted to stop it from spreading. “My bad side is as bad as my pleasant side is pleasant… understand the difference between informal and impolite.” We are with the lecturer on this one.

Possibly one of the most outrageous teacher melt downs caught on video. If we could find out more about why the teacher broke down, that would be fair but the video doesn’t offer much clues. But this is as bad as it gets on Youtube.

With technology nowadays, anyone can be uploaded online within seconds. So before you go viral for all the wrong reasons, think about these videos, take a step back, and count to ten.

Do you know any other classroom rage videos caught on camera?


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