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3 incredibly awesome songs about Math to share with your students

The best part about being creative with Math is that students will remember the theories and formulas much, much better.
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We all know what most students think of Math – it’s “tough”, “dry”, “boring”, “difficult” and “useless” according to some. While some Math lessons covering advanced topics do not have much room for relevant creativity, it’s building the interest in math on a relatable level at a younger age could help your students open their minds a little more than they currently are towards the subject.

The best part about being creative with Math is that students will remember the theories and formulas much, much better.

For example:


For students who know Bill Cosby, this would stick with them for way longer than the triangle method of memory and engage the less-interested students (although admittedly the triangle arrangement of STC is much easier for application). Teachers have a tough job of keeping lesson engaging, especially with mathematics. We’ve summed up several Math songs that will definitely interest your students and teach them a thing or two they won’t forget.

Addition and Subtraction – One Direction

This incredibly famous boyband is the Backstreet Boys / Westlife of today. Almost all children below 16 would’ve heard of their songs (some above 16 still do listen to them but we’re not here to judge) and this is a great way to add a little pop culture and make Math a little more hip and cool. The lyrics to this song goes:

You’re insecure, so half of four,
Your old brains are not what they were before,
Add two threes, it’s fine for us,
’cause we’re young and we can still remember stuff

Everyone else can multiply by 60,
Everyone else can add two

Now take off one hundred and add on 24,
Then divide by two and add on seven more
And if you’re struggling now it’s not hard to tell
You don’t know, your maths skills are terrible

If only you had a mind like me
You’d understand how to divide the sum by three,
And then just add on the age of this OAP
You don’t know, your maths skills are terrible

It’s really kinda pitiful

Do you know the answer to this catchy-tuned math problem?

Trigonometry – Will Smith

Westerville South High School has incredible music videos on Youtube on Math. One of our favourites is Getting Trippy With It, a tune from Will Smith’s Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It. You know, the street slangs make it all the more memorable. We love the video and you’ll soon find you will too. Just look at the teachers and students – they seem to be having tons of fun with trigonometry!

A excerpt of the lyrics:

What, you want to solve with the trig?
watch your step you might fall
trying to work this gig
Soh Cah-uh Soh Cah-uh, Soh-Cah, Soh-Cah Toa
in the middle of the problem, don’t know which one? unh
You gotta know which angles and sides,
that are missin’ and given in the problem, they’re the guides
you can come with me, all these problems I’ve tried!
heard it’s hard? well then somebody lied
Helps you to study so ya Know-a,
When to use each one
If you got the O n’ H-Y-P
SOH lets you know
sine’s the way to go
let’s say now you got HYP
and the A-D-J,
then cosine’s the way
yes yes y’all
but there’s one more
you got the legs, (no hypotenuse)
that makes its tan
Gettin’ Triggy Wit It

We say it’s brilliant, as long as Agent J from MIB doesn’t neuralyse your memory clean.


Quadratic equations – Troop 41

If your students love rap and hate solving quadratic equations, this will be incredible for you. Now Troop 41’s Do the John Wall has over 13 million views on Youtube. While you may not want your students to watch the original video (for the same reason why you think violent games should be banned), you should take a look at it to appreciate WSHS’ version that will help your class.

Here is Do the John Wall by Troop 41:

And here is Westerville South High School’s amazing version by the teachers an students to help you with your lesson on quadratic equations:

There are more incredible Math music videos on Youtube that will entertain as teach your class. You should use them as an introduction to your topic or class, or as a little segway or even as a good end to the topic so the students will remember the experience. Whatever you do though, note than with any creative or novel memory retention techniques, they become ineffective if you use it frequently. So take it easy on the videos, and choose the best ones for your class.

You’re not Jack Black running the School of Rock, right?

Do you know other incredibly engaging music videos on Youtube on Math? Share with us in the comments below!

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