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6 incredibly famous men who could be awesome school disciplinarians, and one who won’t last a day

Here are the list of male celebrities who could get the students back in line.
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Have you ever wondered what celebrities would do if they’re not celebrities? How about maintaining discipline in school? We came up with a list of 6 incredible actors / personalities whom we think could be great discipline masters (based on nothing else but their roles on the big screen), and one who would probably not last a day. They say, teacher don’t just teach. A lesson in the classroom is about engaging your audience. It is a stage and a teacher, really, does have to act and be creative.

So this is not really far off, we think. Here are the list of men who could get the students back in line.

Anthony Hopkins

How can we not elect the Hannibal Lecter himself as our discipline master? What better way is there to inspire students to study than the threat of their sweet breads being devoured? Whether as the father of Thor or everyone’s favourite cannibal mastermind, we think he could handle any unruly student.

You don’t mess with Anthony Hopkins.

Jack Nicholson

With his suave poise and Cheshire cat smile Master Nicholson would keep students in line. Imagine ‘All work and no play makes Jack a good student’ fliers posted down every hall. Of course if someone wasn’t a good student you can be sure they’d be chased through the halls with an axe.

Jack Nicholson won’t be joking when he’s your discipline master.

Gary Oldman

Now here’s a man with the inherent ability to shape shift. No we don’t mean into a werewolf or a vampire. Has he ever looked the same in two movies? The many faces of Oldman will be sure to keep students guessing. With talent like this you may never know where he is lurking. Watching over his brood, keeping everyone in check, everyone!

Gary Oldman is sirius about discipline.

Javier Bardem

This handsome Spaniard may be a hit with the exchange students but he certainly won’t be a delight. He’s toted as the best James Bond villain to date and won an Academy Award for the chilling lines he delivered in No Country for Old Men. Not to mention he knows how to use a cattle gun. I think those students will wish they hadn’t studied abroad after Master Bardem deals with them.

Bardem will not be too pleased if you’re coming to school late to get his attention. Especially if you’re the teacher.

Alan Rickman

Everyone hated him as Professor Snape until he died. He instills fear in students with his strict demeanour but when you get to know him, you’ll see like all other discipline masters, he’s a loving, kind-hearted man. Of course, not everyone can wave a wand and have a doe patronus like Rickman does (we’re sure he isn’t a muggle). But we’re sure if he was our discipline master, we would have never gotten into any trouble in school.

Do not ask him if you have your mother’s eyes. He WILL make you draw them in detention.

Christopher Lee

Boasting a resume with positions like Sith lord, Sauron’s right hand, and a Bond baddie, we think Master Lee would fit seamlessly into a disciplinary position. With a firm look and a few sharp words from Master Lee a misbehaving student would surely shrink into a hobbit.

He does not consider you his precious. There’s only one ring to rule them all – a ring to your parents’ cellphone if you misbehave.

The one celebrity who can never be a discipline master

Okay, so we had to run through the list to strike out the many famous people who’ll never last as a discipline master. A few names kept coming up as the obvious choices but one famous celebrity really stood out. It isn’t because of his charming good looks or his behaviour off-camera. We just think he’s more suited for the military as a trainer.

Gordon Ramsay probably would last as a school discipline master until he says his first sentence.


We’re doing a Part 2 of this series with female celebrities. Which celebrities do you think should make our female list? Let us know in the comments below!


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