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5 theme parks you must have on your bucket list

Regardless of your reason for visiting a theme park, the 5 listed below are ones that we swear you should visit at some point in your life.
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Most of us have visited a theme park at one time or another. Between roller coasters and cotton candy, it is hard to look at these exciting places with indifference. These parks are also great places to prove your bravery on that towering ride or fall in love with a more romantic ride. Regardless of your reason for visiting a theme park, the 5 listed below are ones that we swear you should visit at some point in your life.

1. Cedar Point

Cedar Point is often said to be the best theme park and the roller coaster capital of the world. It is also the second oldest theme park in the United States and has been in operation since before the 1900’s. With new attractions that are added annually, you will never tire of visiting this park.

There is something for everyone (most theme parks cater to three generations anyway). The number of rides displayed on their website is incredible – adrenalin junkies can already imagine how exciting they’ll be. With names like Gatekeeper, Iron Dragon and Mean Streak, you’re in for a rollin’ good time!

To get your tickets, see here.



There is something for everyone at LEGOLAND. This park, located in Carlsbad, California has enjoyable aspects for very small children as well as older kids. With over 50 rides that are family friendly, this is one of the best places for a family to visit.

The best part about LEGOLAND is the experience is tailored for kids, with family considerations in mind – most of the rides do not have height restrictions, you can rent strollers at affordable prices and for parents who are lego-lovers, this playground is yours as much as your kid’s!

Explore the water park and adventures your kids will remember for a long time. Look at how thrilled this little boy is:

legoland boy

If you are in Southeast Asia, there is a LEGOLAND Malaysia for an attraction closer to home that offers just as much fun!

3. Universal Studios

This park offers the best of both worlds for adults and kids. Parents are able to enjoy a bit of nightlife and kids can enjoy all the thrills that they desire. Although this is probably geared more for older children, everyone will enjoy interacting with their favorite Universal Studios as they take ride after ride that are inspired by the great movies.

One of the biggest selling point Universal Studios theme parks offer is the themed-architecture and characters from movies such as Transformers, the minions from Despicable Me and Harry Potter.

Simpsons ride

They have theme parks in Hollywood, Orlando, Japan and Singapore. While each have their own themes and attractions they constantly update, each park offers a unique experience you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

4. Disney World

Walt Disney World has long been a favorite adventure for people from around the globe. It is located in Orlando, Florida and promises a magic adventure for kids of all ages. Whether you are 3 or 100 you will have a blast with Mickey, Minnie and the whole Disney Gang. With such iconic characters that transcends time, your kids (and probably you too!) will be awestruck – remember to bring extra storage cards for your camera or smartphones!


5. Schlitterbahn

For those who enjoy a little water along with their adventure, Schlitterbahn is the place to be. This water park located in New Braunfels, Texas is home to the world’s longest water ride. Just on this one ride you will be able to enjoy waves, waterfalls and rapids all through one long adventure.

Schlitterbahn’s claim as the world’s first water resort and the nation’s most popular summertime waterpark has much weight behind it. Its extensive water rides and facilities make this an incredible go-to destination for teens and adults looking for some cool fun in the summer heat. They too have something for the children – a kid’s area with kiddie parks and pools will definitely keep everyone smiling (and screaming in delight!)


These theme parks are just five of our top theme parks to visit and each has something for everyone. Most add attractions on a regular basis, so even if you have visited in the past, it is likely that you can plan a return visit and find a whole new experience waiting for you. If it is your first visit, just sit back and enjoy the ride – and keep in mind you are visiting one of the best theme parks in the world.

All images and full rights belong to respective theme parks. 

What’s your favourite theme park rides?


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