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4 activities teachers can do to destress

When you feel yourself getting stressed, use one of these four activities to lower your tension.
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Teaching is one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. You’re molding young minds, and with great power comes great responsibility. It’s not just a job; teaching is a lifestyle. When you feel yourself getting stressed, use one of these four activities to lower your tension.

Have a healthy snack.

stress and pie

Don’t go overboard, but feeding your body in a time of stress is absolutely necessary. Eat something healthy and something delicious, something that will keep you full and enable your body to focus on other tasks. Try some almonds, a little bit of hummus, or some celery sticks. You’ll feel refreshed and you won’t have to beat yourself up later about eating a greasy or sugary snack.

You can also get yourself a healthy fruit pie such as homemade apple pies.  Salon has an incredibly healthy, feel-good recipe for a delicious apple raspberry pie here.  We love this apple pie video:

Hit the bricks.

walk through park

Take the time to go for a quick walk. Walking isn’t just good for the body, it can help you clear your mind and get rid of some of that nervous energy you might have pent up. Let your mind wander and you’ll feel the stress melting away. If you can, take a walk through some quiet, green space—it’s the best for meditation.

Or if you know where to get a healthy apple pie, take a walk to your destination.

Keep a plant close by.


If you can’t get out of class and find some green space, bring the green space to you. Pick a pretty plant to put on a pot near your desk. Plants are proven to lower our stress responses, and if you are dealing with a particularly rowdy class, a plant can provide the necessary relaxation to get through the day. Pick something low maintenance, otherwise a dying plant is just one more thing you’ll have to worry about.

Watch an uplifting video.

uplifting vids

While this activity could be labeled “take a break,” in general, watching something uplifting will not only improve your mood, but actually lower your stress level. Trying to get kids and parents to care about education isn’t easy, and if it’s all you think about, it can consume your life. Instead of letting it, step back and remind yourself that things do work out and that what you do is worth it. Watch kittens learn to walk, dogs reuniting with their owners, or people just being kind to one another. We recommend Kid President’s videos. Here’s one for you:

It’s important for you to note stress is always temporary. We never remember what we we were so stressed about last month or last year, and that’s because stress will pass. Focus on the good things and always take a step back when you feel overwhelmed. Onwards!

What are some things you do to destress?


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