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Youtube Lessons: 3 incredible Thai commercials about love and family you will cry over

We guarantee your students will never forget your day's lesson.
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In Asia, Thailand has earned a reputation for heartwarming and hilariously exaggerated commercials. These commercials touch on values such as filial piety, care and compassion. Not only do students love watching these videos as part of the curriculum, taking time out of class to watch one of these great YouTube videos is a great way to infuse students’ education with love, care and compassion.

In Part 1 of this Youtube Lessons series, we share with you the top three Thai commercials on love and family. Play them when you’re teaching an advertising class, or about love and care. We guarantee your students will never forget your day’s lesson. Be warned: even the most unwavering teacher will have trouble hiding emotions watching them.

Silence of love

This advertisement by Thai Life Insurance – these guys are incredible with such commercials – is about a father’s love. An amazing video especially for the handful of teenagers who now believe parents are uncool and embarrassing.

Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be.

A beautiful song starts this video, a commercial by the Thai insurance company. Seemingly average, the second part of the video will want all of us to hug our mothers and never let go. As they say, blood is thicker than water.

Giving is the best communication

This Thai commercial is for a Thai mobile company, True Move. While not many will actually remember the company that paid for this, the video hit 6 million views in just a few days. It now has 16 million views, and we are quite sure that means 16 million teary pair of eyes. The message of giving isn’t going to be lost on anyone who has watched this video.

Sometimes, the real world pressures get to us and we tend to neglect the things that matter most until it’s too late. These videos, as with any heartwarming moments, are a reminder to stop and smell the roses. Look out for our Part 2 of these series!

Do you have other heartwarming videos to share?


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