March 22nd, 2018
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U.S: Teacher fired after students took her phone, uploaded explicit photos online

Teacher gave students password to her phone for them to call home, instead they posted her nude selfies online.
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WORLD / Georgia, U.S. – School officials voted to fire a first-year teacher because she was irresponsible for her cell phone.

WTOC reported students at Myers Middle School noticed Lekeshia Jones left her cell phone unattended. They knew her pass code to unlock the phone, as she allowed students to call home using her cellphone and provided the password to them. The students browsed through Jones’ phone and discovered nude pictures of her on it. They proceeded to upload said photos online.

Termination reasons

Savannah News reported the Savannah Chatham school board terminated Jones’ contract for the following reasons:

  • for being irresponsible with her cell phone
  • for not handling and reporting the incident properly
  • for insubordination following the incident

Jones allegedly did not report the situation to the school when she discovered what happened. She asked students to link her to the social media buzz as she wanted to track down the culprits who did it. Jones was removed from the school pending official investigations shortly after school officials discovered what happened. It was said she did not report to work for three weeks following the suspension. District officials also alleged Jones forged a 2015 teaching contract offer in order to secure a loan.

It was reported Jones was reassigned to another school while pending the school district’s action. Upon her return, a student from her new school took a phone when she again left it on her desk.

Plans to charge students for theft

According to Georgia News Day, Jones plan to press charges against the students who uploaded her nude selfies online.  While Georgia has laws on cyber bullying, it was only recently passed and the incident happened before the legislation came into effect. However, Jones plans on charging the teens with invasion of privacy and theft.  She also plans to sue the school district for wrongful termination.

“I feel like I was victim, like I had been violated,” said Jones. The board did not revoke her teaching licence – this means Jones can still teach in other counties.



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