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7 unbelievable mistakes we make when planning a holiday

What are some of the common mistakes you do when you travel?
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When others make their holiday mistakes, we scoff or give them the “what were you thinking” look. But it’s just as easy to make these mistakes ourselves when planning a holiday. Many of these mistakes are completely avoidable if you simply pay attention to what you are doing. You can still have a good time, but you’d enjoy your holiday much more if you avoid making the following mistakes. So if you’ve been telling yourself these “excuses” it’s time to stop, collaborate and listen.

I’m sure this is the best buy, no need to shop around!

It seems that everyone, these days, simply visits one site to make their purchases for a holiday. However, it is a better idea to shop around a bit before making your final purchase. Although sites promise that they are offering the best rates and quality for your money, it is possible to find the same hotel or flight cheaper on another site. This is by far the most common mistake, which isn’t really consequential if you can afford it.

I’ll say hi to my newborn niece on Skype from NYC!

Although this isn’t always possible, for those who have a flexible schedule you can save quite a bit of money if you keep your dates open. Just one week can make the difference between air fare costing $700 and $1000. By saving money on the trip, you will have more to spend elsewhere, such as on souvenirs or activities. It also gives you that ability to fall back on another date in case something unfortunate crops up and needs your presence.

T&Cs? Let’s just click “I accept”…

Don’t just fall for the first thing that you find as far as discounted tickets goes. That multi-pass ticket to a theme park may offer you entrance to 7 different places, but if you don’t intend to visit that water park or wax museum you would be wiser to purchase the cheaper single park ticket.

And always, always read the fine prints – you wouldn’t want to be holding a weekday ticket on a Sunday at the entrance of the attraction.

Let’s go to 20 attractions in a day!

Sometimes less is more. We all want to see as much of the area that we are visiting, especially if it is someplace we are unlikely to visit again. However, attempting to schedule too many activities during your vacation can actually make it stressful and less enjoyable.

A good tip is when you’re travelling a a continent like Europe or UK. Spending two weeks hopping around Europe is less satisfying than if you spend 2 weeks in Germany, or London. Taking time in a country allows you to soak in its beauty and atmosphere. It also gives you a reason (or excuse) to travel to the continent again.. this time to explore another part!

My shopping budget is set at… oh, a Jimmy Choo!

We all like to save money, but tricking yourself into believing that you will spend a certain amount and going well over that mark can be traumatizing. It is best to be honest about the amount that you expect to spend and do your best to stick with that budget.

If that is tough to do, set a “standard budget” and a “limit budget” – if you at least see something that is a must-buy, you have a little bit more to splurge.

Let’s wing it, no need for a plan!

Some people prefer to allow their vacation to take over and just enjoy things as they come across them. This idea can make your vacation difficult to enjoy. Not only do you risk going well beyond your budget, but much of your vacation will be trying to figure out what to do next. In the end, you’ll probably spend your time doing… nothing.

It doesn’t look too far… I can walk there!

More than likely you will be able to save money this way, but you will want to consider just how much time will be spent travelling between your hotel and the place that you want to be. If you spend the difference in gas, it is best to just book the closer hotel, even if it’s the more expensive option. Sometimes convenience trumps dollar savings, especial if you’re carrying shopping bags… by the hundreds.

What are some of the common mistakes you do when you travel?


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