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7 websites for last-minute travel deals

Sometimes a last minute work trip or a weekend getaway requires us to think on our feet. Where do you go for a quick, hassle-free experience?
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We can’t always plan the times that we travel. Sometimes a last minute work trip or a weekend getaway requires us to think on our feet. In these instances, most of us probably want to find the best deals without having to pay last minute up charges and fees. Thankfully, there are multiple websites available that will help you do just that.

1.     Last Minute

Last Minute travel offers flights, hotels and vacation packages at discounted prices. Many of these specials are only available as part of a last minute special. You will also be able to see detailed descriptions of the hotels that you are choosing between.

2.     Hot Wire

If you are looking for all-inclusive trips, Hot Wire is the place to look. Rather than scouring the web looking for specials, Hot Wire does all the footwork for you. Compare deals based on city for even more discounts.

3.     Priceline

Priceline allows you to choose your own price for motels so it is simple to find one and stay within your budget. Although you won’t be able to see the hotel before you book the trip, you will be able to see the rating and the general location of the complex.

4.     Expedia

Although Expedia is most often used to book vacations ahead of time, last minute deals pop up daily. Here you will be able to book every aspect of your trip from flight to rental car to hotel.

5.     Kayak

This website allows you to search all the major travel sites all at once. The promise is that you will not need to travel to multiple sites to receive the best deal. This is the ultimate one stop shop.

6.     Travel Zoo

Travel Zoo is great for overseas travel. Whether you are looking for a flight to France or wanting to book a hotel for the weekend in Chicago, there are options available for you on this website.

7.     Groupon

Groupon is known for offering specials. If you are a bit flexible on location and just looking to get away, this can be a great place to catch some deals. Discounts are added regularly so you may want to check back often on this site. Remember to read the fine prints!

Last minute vacations can be a fun adventure, but are sometimes very expensive. When you can’t plan ahead, be sure to check out these sites in order to find the best deals and get you on your way to enjoying your trip. Good luck!

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