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4 cheaper holiday accommodation sites for your travel

Here are some sites for you to try out the next time you are looking for well-priced accommodation that also offer high quality.
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When planning a holiday one of the first things that we look for is accommodation arrangements. More than likely, you are looking to spend as little as possible in this area of your trip, but still receive excellent quality. With the many websites available that promise to help you achieve this goal, you may find it difficult to choose the right one to fit your needs. Here are some sites for you to try out the next time you are looking for well-priced accommodation that also offer high quality.


Couchsurfing has been a radical way for backpackers to travel and see the world for years now. If you’re traveling alone, don’t mind the basics of a couch (literally!) to sleep on for most nights and an adventurous soul, this could be your option on almost zero budget. You get to meet amazing people who can show you around the city or help you with your touristy plans.

There is of course a risk you’re taking when you couchsurf – you’re planning to stay with someone you’ve never met, in their home, on their couch. The site has some guidelines on safe travel. Remember to do lots of research before you choose a couch to surf the world in!


Roomorama is a non-traditional site for you to book online your other-than-hotel accommodation. They cater to business and leisure travelers and are touted to be 30 – 40% than hotels in big cities. When finding accommodation in cities like New York becomes a hassle, try Roomorama. Contrary to the name,whole apartments are also available for rent. Some of the properties are managed by property managers, others by the owners themselves.


Homeaway considers you family (“The HomeAway family is the world’s #1 source for vacation rentals”). Its acquisition of other similar businesses in Australia, New Zealand and Asia investments mean it is growing its vacation accommodation offerings – all good news for travelers like us. It’s just wonderful to browse through the beautiful lodges and homes in AU & NZ, fantasizing of a lifetime stay with the love of your life in such beautiful homes, waking up with the sun shining through the window, the trees swaying in the breeze… Ahhhh.

Airbnb is a marketplace for homeowners to rent out a room or their whole house / apartment to travelers. In some countries (like Singapore), public housing isn’t for short-term rent (or transient leasing as they call it), so check with the advertisers on the unit you’d like to book. The great draw for airbnb accommodation is that you are booking homes that are owned by the locals (most of the time, anyway).

This means it can be conveniently located, with full amenities nearby and that the home is already fully equipped. And because these aren’t commercial buildings, you’re probably going to pay much cheaper than if you book a hotel. What’s more, you can even get a unique experience since your unit could be anything that’s on offer – a cottage in the country, a penthouse, a rooftop unit by the sea, or just a nice cosy apartment in a stone’s throw away from the shopping district. The world is now your oyster!

Wherever you are planning to go, remember what your plans are and how you’re traveling. If you’re looking for family fun with children in tow, hotels and serviced apartments could be a great accommodation arrangement. If you’re traveling alone or with friends and have a tight budget, these sites could help you make great decisions.

Have you tried any of the sites above? Let us know what you think!


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