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Best countries to travel to this winter (and avoid the cold!)

There are many places on our planet that do not witness the same bitter cold that we do!
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If you are like everyone else, you dread the calendar making its way towards the winter season. With endless snow, blankets and snow, venturing outside can be quite a challenge. However, there are many places on our planet that do not witness the same bitter cold that we do. Below you will find some of the best places to travel to this winter and avoid the cold!


If you love to scuba dive, you should check out Honduras. This country offers many great specials during the off-season and can be extremely attractive for teachers who are wishing to take advantage of their winter break. This tropical location is also great for those who are just learning to scuba dive and offers classes and certification discounts as well.


Some areas in Panama are known to be spellbinding for those on holiday – they fall in love with the area so much that they never leave. This country is a great place to travel to during the winter due to its fantastic prices and wide range of summer related activities. Some have even called this tiny slice of heaven the new Costa Rica.

What we rarely hear of about Panama are their incredible turqoise seas, beautiful nature and amazing outdoors. And we’ve heard of celebrities living it up in Panama, so we assume that we can’t afford it like they do. Well, that’s wrong! Panama is very affordable, if there is any paradise you should plan to visit, it’s Panama.


Most of us love the tropics and the Bahamas have long been a favorite place to travel to on holiday. This tropical location offers a pleasant area to relax and escape the cold winter month’s that you have become accustomed. If you are a teacher, you can enjoy your winter holiday while relaxing on the beach and recouping for the remainder of the school year. What better place to spend the winter than on the beach… it’s always better in the Bahamas!


Egypt is sometimes overlooked as a country to travel to while on holiday. While many of us focus on tropical locations, Egypt has things to offer that no other country can claim. Here you can find many historic documents, artifacts and buildings…some of which are the oldest that the world has ever seen. When traveling to Egypt, be sure to check out the great pyramids and the Sphinx, which are some of the wonders of the world.


Winter is a great time to travel to Thailand, and you really can’t go wrong when visiting here. It is best to avoid the rainy season, which typically ends sometime in October. In Thailand you can enjoy winter temperatures in the mid 70’s, which makes outdoor activities comfortable and pleasant. For optimal weather, it is best to book your trip in the southern region of the country where the temperatures are the best year round.

Regardless of the location that you choose, you can easily find a fantastic country to visit during the winter. Many options offer world class escapes to fit any budget and you will finally be able to enjoy the winter as you would during the summer. So, the next time that you are looking out the window and shivering, remember that you can always escape…even if it is just for a week or two.


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