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Why teachers and class clowns have a love-hate relationship

Despite their frustrating ways, class clowns are usually quite lovable.
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There’s one in every classroom, and a few dozen in every school: a class clown. Without that student, the whole classroom environment would be a lot less entertaining. However, with that student, you can hardly get a word out when it’s time to teach a lesson. As a teacher, you know you have to teach, but you know you also have to laugh. Drawing the line between handing down a strict, traditional education in your classroom and being a semi-relaxed education guide can be difficult when your class clown walks through your door every morning.


Class clowns provoke frustration in even the most patient of teachers at some point. Just when you’re about to start a new lesson, the clown pops up and says something loud and inappropriate. That distracts the whole class for five minutes. You have to stop what you’re doing to redirect everyone back to the lesson. Class clowns are jokers. They are masters of wasting time.


Furthermore, just when you thought you had the class working hard and learning, the class clown can derail your illusion again. With some off-handed comment, that student can destroy the entire working environment you sought so hard to create in your class. This leads to further frustration.


As a teacher, you may feel a bit unsure of your role in the classroom once the class clown walks in. The clown can take control of the class with a laugh and a smile, and you’ll never know it until it’s too late. Not quite knowing how she got control and not being sure how to get it back can be disconcerting.


Despite their frustrating ways, class clowns are usually quite lovable. Even when you want to discipline them, you may find it difficult because of the adorable smile they give you. They make you smile and laugh, and that is a gift that endears you to them, no matter – almost – what they do.

The classroom is your place

You would still be the teacher without the class clown, but you would not have achieved the status of “cool” teacher if you don’t let the class clown make the class laugh just a little bit. Disciplining a class clown is necessary for the well-being and educational future of the entire class, but a nice laugh now and again keeps the mood light at school.


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