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Your enzyme health

Have you ever thought “I’m too old for this”?
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Have you ever thought “I’m too old for this”? We feel we’re “too old for this” because our body doesn’t respond to us like it used to. Our body systems work together to regulate our body functions. As we age and subject ourselves to environmental and lifestyle conditions, our body’s capability starts to deteriorate.

This happens with any functional product over time – wear and tear, physical and chemical deterioration affect all mechanical functions within our body.

Enzyme in food

The digestive system plays an important role in processing food we consume, separating waste from nutrients and absorbing what the body needs. As food becomes more complex today (more processed food), our digestive system is subjected to heavier workload to extract the nutrients we need in our daily life.

At every stage of digestion, our body produces different enzymes to break down the food we consume. As we get older, our eating pattern and diet changes and our body’s capacity for enzyme production also declines with age. This could mean the digestive system becomes enzyme-deficient and the body will not be able to obtain nutrition from the food we consume.

Early signs of enzyme deficiency:

  • Constipation
  • Weight problems
  • Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Allergies

According to Johnson Koh, director of API Nutrition & Therapy, “the modern human diet consists mostly of cooked, enzyme-depleted food. Our body’s ability to synthesize the quantity and enzymes needed to keep us healthy and our immune system functioning vigorously is seriously compromised.”

Lifzyme Supplements

There are supplements for nearly every need. We take multivitamins to “top up” the shortage of certain nutrients our diet lacks. Athletes consume supplements to aid their body to recover from strenuous training.  There are enzyme supplements available to also aid digestion.

Lifzyme Sense 108 has a comprehensive blend of enzymes with over 100 types of pure botanical fermentation extracts. Fortified with royal jelly that helps improve energy levels and reduce stress. It also contains Kintoki ginger to stimulate blood circulation. Sense 108 is a nature-based supplement that helps replenish enzymes that are lost in foods during cooking and processing.


Lifzyme Cordyceps Enzyme Drink is a plant based enzyme drink that supplements your digestive enzymes and increases your anti-oxidant level. 

Cordyceps may have the ability to “improve immunity by stimulating cells and specific chemicals in the immune system” according to webmd.comIt also helps improve the function of kidneys and lungs.


Homemade not necessarily better

There are also ways for you to make your own homemade enzyme by using high enzyme foods. However, Johnson highlights the ease of consuming Lifzyme instead of fermenting your own DIY enzyme. “Homemade enzymes typically contain fewer ingredients and the fermentation environment at home is hard to control, especially humidity and temperature. This leads to an uncontrolled and less effective fermentation process. With Lifzyme, three stages of fully probiotic fermentation process is administered safely by professionals using advanced technology.  Tests are carried out to ensure the bioactivity of the final product is maintained and safe for human consumption.”

Dietary habits, regular checkups and an active lifestyle are crucial in keeping your health (and sanity!) in check. There is no magic formula to a healthier you. Supplements are like classes students get – extra support when needed, before the big examination. It would be too late for supplements when the exams hit, right?

*For informational purposes only, not intended as medical advice. All views, facts and information are provided by the sponsor or third-parties. does not validate or endorse any medical benefits of any products. Please consult your health care provider for specific health considerations.

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