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Are you up for a Challenge? Review of Challenge Cubes, Singapore

The Challenge Cubes is highly recommended if you are looking for a new and innovative experience that mentally stimulates and challenges your peers or student leaders.
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Scenario-based learning is the most effective way to drive the importance of EQ-based skills and build them. The Challenge Cubes is a hidden gem you should consider when planning your next strategy or corporate team-building activity. Read on and you’ll see why everyone should try the Cubes at least once!

The Challenge Cubes

I was to try out the Challenge Cubes on a Saturday morning. We met at West Coast Park and strolled over to the Challenge Cubes. Nestled nearby is the usual cheese prata hangout NUS students frequent.  I met my two team mates for the day – Xianglong and Phoebe. (My editor was keen for us to try the Challenge Cubes with two other people I’ve never met for a bona fide experience).

The Challenge Cubes looks impressive – very much like a military base with the camouflage colour scheme and towering structures.

Challenge Cube 1

We met Gene, one of the directors of Explora Pte Ltd, an adventure-based experiential learning organization that manages the Challenge Cubes. We had a tour of the facility. “The Challenge Cubes was conceived to offer the public, schools and corporate organizations an alternative option to hone your ability to work in a team. The activity happens within five massive cubes that form a simulated cave maze,” Gene explained.

An above-ground cave labyrinth already sounds incredible. But it gets better. You and your teammates must attempt the Challenge Cubes in the dark.

Challenge Cube 2

Navigating a cave-like maze in the dark sounded daunting, but my anxiety was short-lived. The Challenge Cubes is extremely well-equipped, safety-wise. There are CCTVs installed throughout the maze. Gene showed us the CCTV screens from where he would monitor our progress. “There is an intercom system for two-way communication, in case the facilitators need to talk you, or if you need to speak to them,” he explained.

The Action

We got into our kneepads and helmets (the Explora headband you get is extremely useful and you can bring it home!) and were given 30 seconds at the starting point to adjust ourselves to the total darkness. We were given a small lightstick which we could use at any point in the maze, but only if it was a unanimous team decision.

It was extremely exhilarating. The Challenge Cubes was intelligently designed. All of us were forced to lead or be led at some point in the caves. We met with dead ends, had to make U-turns, crawled up and down and even contemplated using the light stick (but didn’t) at one point.

We took one hour to complete the maze, and at the end we felt a huge sense of achievement.

Participants collage

Some past participants @ Challenge Cubes

The review

Gene shared with us what he saw through the CCTVs. Phoebe, a recent graduate, was glad she participated in the Challenge Cubes experience. “It really showed the importance of trust and communication a team must have. The challenges were not your typical ropes and sand; they were unexpected.”

Xianglong, an analyst in the finance industry, felt the difficulty level of the course was well-balanced. “There was great suspense along the way which tested our decision-making skills. As I’m always the leader at work, the Challenge Cubes forces everyone to take turns in being a leader. It’s ironic that we’re in the dark and yet the whole challenge gave me a different perspective about communication and leadership.”

For me, the Challenge Cubes is a fantastic team-bonding challenge.  The Cubes isn’t all about physical intensity. In the dark you will quickly realize focused communication is key to a team’s success.

Gene shared that most of the participants’ ages range from as young as 10 to above 40 years. “This simulated cave system is a new take on what is usually considered to be a ‘learning journey’. We have families, student leaders and corporate management experiencing the Cubes and they’ve all positively experienced effective communication, decision-making, constructive risk-taking and leadership.”

Challenge Cubes end2

The Verdict

The Challenge Cubes is highly recommended if you are looking for a new and innovative experience that mentally stimulates and challenges your peers or student leaders.

It is the first simulated cave system that is open to the public and is conveniently situated at West Coast park where public amenities, transportation, food outlets and carpark are all within walking distance.

Are you up for the Challenge?

Challenge Cube end


To book a Challenge Cubes session, contact Explora Pte Ltd at gene@explora-asia.com or speleocube@gmail.com. The Challenge Cubes experience is by appointment only. For more information, visit the Challenge Cubes website.

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