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9 super awesome songs for a teacher’s playlist

Do you know any other songs teachers would love and can relate to? Let us know in the comments below!
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In every profession, you’ve got some bad and good days. As you make your breakfast or exercise before you leave home for school, check out these inspirational songs to make your teaching day fantastic. Start positively and with a smile and the rest of the day will be just fine!

“I’m a Teacher: An Educator’s Anthem”

Wake up in the morning, and remember why you are teaching. You are the inspiration and motivation for 25, 30 (even 40!) young people in every classroom you teach. This song by Sam Peters and set to the tune of “Ridin’ Solo” by Jason Derulo will get you pumped and ready to go in the morning. This is by far one of our favourite videos of songs remade for the teaching profession!

“300 Violin Orchestra”

Mostly instrumental, this rhythmic song by Jose Quintero sounds epic and heroic. It makes you want to create phenomenal lessons, and just generally push yourself and your students just that much further. Choir, violins, clapping, and stomping make you want to keep trying, even when you have to teach to the test – again. You know when Gerard Butler yelled “THIS IS SPARTAAAAA” in the movie? We felt like Mr Leonidas in English class after listening to this.

 “Teacher Song”

Reagan Tunstall posted a very real-to-life song about teaching on YouTube that will strike a chord with every teacher out there. Bloody noses, don’t poke him in the ear, maybe I’m actually getting through to the students, I told you to sit down, there’s a meeting at 4:00, never use the restroom, etc. are some of the ideas in the lyrics, but the final thought is that teachers love their students. If you know Reagan Tunstall, tell her we think she is SUPER AWESOME!

“The Lazy Song (Teacher Edition)”

For the day when you are feeling incredibly lazy and want to play hookie, this song is probably not the one you want to play, unless you need some extra motivation to call your principal and say you’re sick. Posted by newmancara1 on YouTube, this video is the best take we found online for that ultra-popular Bruno Mars song which you can sing along.

“We Will Rock You”

Queen’s epic “We Will Rock You” is the quintessential song to listen to in the morning before car duty. Listen while you run a couple of miles, and get psyched for the day. Your energy will spill over to your students when you strut into your classroom. Of course, you could also do a teacher’s take on their “I Want to Break Free“…

“Beautiful Day”

U2’s “Beautiful Day” reminds you to appreciate the small victories in life and to revel in waking up to a new day. When things get tough at school, remember you sang this song in the morning, and cry, “Victory!” when a student makes a small step of progress. This song is best played on your way to work to pump you up for the day ahead.

“Here Comes the Sun”

There is hope in the future, even when you think you’ve given all you can to your students. The Beatles are classic, and this song is just mellow and upbeat enough to make the morning transition from sleep to the work mentality smooth.

“Get on Your Feet”

Gloria Estefan encourages all people – including teachers – to get out in the world and make a difference. You have something to give, so share it with the world, starting with your students!

“This is Your Life”

Switchfoot reminds listeners that the past is the past, but today is what you have to make into something fantastic. If yesterday you made a mistake with a student, walk into your classroom, and do better today.


Do you know any other songs teachers would love and can relate to? Let us know in the comments below!

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