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School lost students coursework – they must now repeat the whole year

What makes this headline material: the school has no idea where the teacher left 11 of her students' coursework, which they took a year to complete.
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WORLD – Bristol, UK – Teachers leaving a school for other opportunities isn’t big news.

What makes this headline material: the school has no idea where the teacher left 11 of her students’ coursework, which they took a year to complete. The school also couldn’t contact or track down the teacher. The sixth form students’ science work were nowhere to be found.

<Editor’s note: The Sixth Form is an education level in the UK prior to entering university. Most students are between 16 – 19 years of age.>

The result: Students at the City Academy had to repeat a whole year of school, and re-do the coursework.

Repeat a whole year’s schoolwork

The Bristol Post reports the Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) students learned the coursework they had produced as part of a two-year qualification was lost in September last year. For some students, a year’s worth of work had been lost. For at least one student, two year’s worth of coursework has disappeared.

The students affected were initially informed and reassured that the school error will not affect their progress academically this year. However, at least four of the students did not receive the grades they expected.

The course is solely coursework-based. It has no tests or examinations that count towards the student’s grading.

Students naturally upset

The students were naturally upset, adding that their plans to enter university are in ruins. Another student said she regretted transferring into this academy.

She said: “I wouldn’t recommend going to this sixth form. I’ve gained nothing here in two years and it’s been wasted time for me. We trusted the school but it has failed us. None of us have had an apology.”

Principal issued statement

City Academy’s principal Gill Kelly was quoted in her statement: “In September 2013 it became apparent that a member of staff who left the academy that summer had not left behind the coursework she had been marking.”

“Despite the academy’s best efforts to contact the teacher and locate the coursework, this was to no avail… the school regrets that some students were unable to engage with this added level of support and therefore only able to achieve the equivalent of one qualification, rather than two, although this is not true of all the students in the original group.”

Previous incident also a school error

In June, it was reported that the school had requested a student, Darren Rivers, to retake his business studies GCSE exams. The school had not submitted his GCSE coursework which accounts for 50% of his grades. Darren’s father Steve Rivers said the academy offered him the cash to compensate him for taking time off work to come in for meetings.

The compensation offered was later found out to be £371.



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