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Michael Gove demoted? David Cameron says no

Many have called it a demotion (a 30000-pound pay cut isn't really a promotion arrangement)
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UK – Michael Gove is now Chief Whip.

In a surprising cabinet shuffle, David Cameron has removed Gove from his position as the Education Secretary and installed him as the new Commons Chief Whip. Reports have suggested the education industry welcomed the move and even celebrated his departure.

Given a choice

While many have called it a demotion (a 30000-pound pay cut isn’t really a promotion arrangement), Gove told Sky News he had been given a choice about his future and said it was “exciting and flattering to be offered a chance to be at the heart of government”. He added: “Demotion, promotion, locomotion – I don’t know what sort of motion this is, but it is an opportunity to help the Prime Minister, the Chancellor and the rest of the team.”

His new role is undoubtedly crucial for the party and the parliament. Gove will have his work cut out in a position that requires a tough, unwavering individual to build confidence and allies in running the government’s daily operations and lift the party’s stature at the next election.

Supportive wife

Wife Sarah Vine, a journalist at the Daily Mail wrote in her column:

“I should have known something was up when my husband Michael Gove came home after his customary Saturday afternoon trip to Daunt’s book shop with a volume called Chief Whip: The Role, History And Black Arts Of Parliamentary Whipping, by Tim Renton.

On Monday, this was joined on the bedside table by Gyles Brandreth’s Breaking The Code: Westminster Diaries 1992-1997. My husband is a man who firmly believes that the answers to all life’s secrets lie in a good book.

For years our house has been crammed with weighty tomes on schools and education. Something tells me our family’s embarking on a new, even livelier, chapter.”

Defended by David Cameron

The Daily Mail reported Labour leader Ed Miliband mocking Gove in the Commons. Miliband addressed David Cameron: ‘We have always said we will support the Government when they do the right thing – so can I join thousands of parents across the country in congratulating you on getting rid of the Education Secretary? Why did you demote him?’

The Prime Minister’s reply? ‘Let me tell you what the former education secretary achieved. A record number of academies, new free schools, standards rising across the country, and reforms that will endure.”

Taking his place as the new Education Secretary is Nicky Morgan – a meteoric rise for the politician who joined the House of Commons in 2010.

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