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Teachers feel undervalued, unsupported and unrecognised, says OECD

OECD released the 2013 results of its Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS). How did your country fare?
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Late in June 2014, OECD released the 2013 results of its Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS). The results indicate “most teachers enjoy their job, despite feeling unsupported and unrecognised in schools and undervalued by society at large”.

General Data

Some data available through the 2013 results:

  • Above 90% of teachers are satisfied with their jobs.
  • Almost 80% would choosing the teaching profession again if given a choice
  • More than 60% of teachers believe teaching is not a valued profession in society

No feedback

There was also a lack of feedback process in the industry – almost 50% of teachers have never received feedback from their school leader. Most teachers find appraisals and feedback constructive: 62% of teachers, on average across countries, said that the feedback they receive in their school led to moderate or large improvements in their teaching practices.

The TALIS conducted by OECD aims to develop a high-quality teaching profession through understanding who the teachers are and how they work. More than 100,000 teachers and school leaders at lower secondary level (for students aged 11-16) in 34 countries and economies took part in the OECD survey.

Compare your country’s survey results below, or read the full report here:

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  • July 17, 2014

    I agree that feedback in the current workplace does help to improve skills and applications.

    I also agree that the majority person outside teaching – those that I’ve been in contact with – in other professions, do not understand what it means to be a teacher.

    Smaller groups to teach definitely

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