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US teacher strangled, body wrapped in curtain and dumped

A 44-year-old American teacher was murdered and his body dumped by a dirt road in Phnom Penh.
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WORLD / Cambodia – A 44-year-old American teacher was murdered and his body dumped by a dirt road in Phnom Penh. The body of William Bryan Glenn, a Mississippi native, was found by a 12-year-old at about 5:30am at the dumpsite. He was bound and duct-taped with curtains.

The Clarion Ledger reported “Cambodian police said Glenn was wanted as a “criminal” in the United States but did not specify for what. U.S. Embassy spokesman John Simmons told the media that the U.S. Embassy was not involved in the investigation.” Glenn had only been in Cambodia for about two months and was previously in  Thailand.

Cambodia Daily reported Glenn “began teaching English at Golden Gate American School’s Tuol Kok campus in June, but according to the school’s accountant, Kun Thy, he left after one month when the term ended. “He stopped working at the end of the month as it was the end of the school year, so he only worked for a month—he always came to work, but I don’t know if he was coming back or anything else,” she said.”

Three days ago, he posted a job ad on the Beijing-based online magazine The Beijinger seeking immediate employment as a summer camp teacher, requesting “free accommodation starting in the next few days.”

A video uploaded below (courtesy of Phnom Penh Post) showed two witnesses who saw the body before the police arrived:

Glenn left behind his wife, Nittaya Glenn, 44, who believed her husband feared for his life in the days leading up to his death. He had gone to the US Embassy to get additional pages in his passport to fly to China. However the embassy confiscated his passport. It has come to light that the US Embassy was looking for him as he was involved in a drug-related crime.

The Phnom Penh Post reported the following words of Choun Narin, deputy Phnom Penh municipal police chief in charge of penal crime: “The … team from the US Embassy here told us they had been looking for this guy because he was involved in a drug case and they wanted to send him back to the US.”

“He’s a wanted criminal – that was why the embassy kept his passport and when he was found dead, we found only a copied one.”

Narin did not elaborate on the specifics of the drug charge.

John Simmons, deputy public affairs officer at the US Embassy, would not comment yesterday on Glenn’s passport, or whether the victim was wanted in his home country, saying he could not provide such details due to Privacy Act “considerations”.

Cambodian police and US officials are working close in the investigation of the murder.

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