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New Zealand schoolgirls rescued from forest

Lost girls found safe at Kaimai Mamaku Forest park.
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WORLD / New Zealand – 12 high school students were rescued from the The Kaimai Mamaku Forest – a park that is considered a living museum of botanical history tracks totalling 300 kilometres.

The students – believed to be 14 years of age, were with 2 instructors in the forest on 12 July. Bad weather conditions – heavy rain and rising river water – meant the group had to deviate from their original track. At about 6:30pm in the evening, police received a call for help from one of the instructors. As the group was confident they could brave the night with all their safety equipment and gears, a search was conducted at 7am the next morning.

No one was hurt or unwell, and the Waikato search and rescue teams were able to extract them to safe grounds without any incident.

In 2012, a group of school children were found in another part of the forest park after extensive police search.

According to the New Zealand tourism guide’s website, “in ancient times the Kaimai Mamaku Range was a Noah’s Ark for plants, riding high above seas of ice and oceans of water. In more recent times, Maori settlers formed tracks through the range, hunted in its subtropical forest and used its plants for food and medicine. Later Europeans used the bush in much the same way but they also milled its mighty trees and dug into the hillside for gold. The park marks the northern boundary for the red and silver beech. It is also the southernmost limit of the majestic Kauri tree.”


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