March 22nd, 2018
/ EdNews / Extra pay for advanced degrees? No way, say some schools

Extra pay for advanced degrees? No way, say some schools

Your master's degree is now worth nothing to the classroom. Teachers with advanced degrees will not get salary increments as it doesn't value-add to teaching, says some schools.
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U.S / Dallas, TX – Two largest school districts in Texas is stopping the practice of increasing teachers’ salary just because they have advanced degrees. Houston and Dallas were the latest two districts following North Carolina where pegging pay packages to advanced degrees was recently phased out by lawmakers.

The North Carolina salary schedule for teachers can be downloaded or viewed here. The issue was debated last year, when along with ending teacher’s tenure lawmakers also eliminated the need to peg compensation to higher education qualification in the education industry.

It was previously quoted that Vivian W. Mott, interim associate dean of the College of Education at East Carolina University stated “… folks who pursued graduate degrees, many of them do it to further their careers and because of that pay differential. It’s likely not the single motivating factor, but it is a motivating factor.” The article by Kevin Kiley also stated “…major public figures such as Bill Gates and U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan have questioned the wisdom of rewarding teachers for degrees.”

While such broad changes cannot be viewed as justifiable without figures and data on the correlation of advanced degrees to higher quality teaching, the fact that this scale-back happens in the education industry is ironic. In an industry where we encourage lifelong learning and emphasize the importance of education, telling teachers their master’s degree adds no value to teaching  (and therefore their salary) will be tough to comprehend.

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