November 21st, 2017
/ EdNews / Another school division in U.S. harnessing wind power- is this the future?

Another school division in U.S. harnessing wind power- is this the future?

Another school division in U.S. harnessing wind power- is this the future?
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U.S. / Chesapeake, Va – With budget cuts and lesser money all around, schools are looking into cost-efficient ways to maintain standards while reducing the bill.

Harnessing natural energy seem to be a viable solution – with the latest wind turbine installation near Grassland High School. At $20,000, the cost of building the turbine has been covered by donations. 11 states have adopted about 134 of such wind energy systems since 2005, when the U.S. energy department started its Winds for Schools initiative. The government does not provide funding, but instead helps interested schools to find donations.

According to the energy department’s website, “The Wind for Schools project goals were to… equip college juniors and seniors with an education in wind energy applications, engage America’s communities in wind energy applications, benefits, and challenges… (and) introduce teachers and students to wind energy.”

Schools consider the projects not only as an opportunity to explore better budget management but also as a learning tool. The turbines are real-life examples to students and teachers on science and technology, and the possibility the future may hold.

The wind turbine will be 70 feet (21.3 metres) high and is expected to power part of a nearby football stadium and reduce a small part the school division’s energy bill. A visit to OpenEI via a link on the energy department’s website indicate the following statistics:

turbine production


OpenEI describes itself as a portal that “… is growing into a global leader in the energy data realm – specifically analyses on renewable energy and energy efficiency.” But if these figures are true, then the wind energy system may not be suitable for many of the schools who have spent money installing them. has emailed WINDExchange Technical Director for clarification on the figures.

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