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5 life lessons from the World Cup 2014

Now that one of the world's most popular sports has concluded, here are 5 life lessons to take away till the next WC.
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The beautiful game has once again captured and broken hearts, hopes and dreams. Sports has always been one of the best avenues to impart life lessons. Here are five clear-as-day life lessons from the World Cup and its teams – you couldn’t miss them even if you wanted to.

Life is unfair.

What can we say? From Arjen Robben’s diving antics to bad refereeing, sometimes life takes a dive when you least expect it. The worst part about this is you couldn’t control the external factors that caused the tide to go against you.

AR dive

What you can control is your attitude and actions in face of unfair situations. But that still wouldn’t change the fact that unfair things will happen to you, time and again. It’s all part of the game of life.

Biting doesn’t solve anything.

If Mike Tyson wasn’t proof enough, Luis Suarez has nailed an extra rod in the coffin for biters. Unless you’re as cute as Charlie, biting doesn’t help alleviate any problem. The expression “bite me” isn’t to be taken seriously. The best way to deal with frustrating situations is to ask yourself – what do you expect to happen if you take a specific action?

A spark of brilliance is all you need.

With Robin Van Persie’s diving header against Spain, the floodgates opened. Everyone was impressed with the great way the whole team played, but if Van Persie didn’t brilliantly rally the crowd and the team with his effort, the outcome could have been different (we’ll never know, really).


In life, we’ve got to take chances that come our way. Sometimes all we need is a spark of brilliance to gain that much-needed confidence and over-achieve.

But a spark isn’t enough to last. You need support.

Portugal relied on Cristiano Ronaldo’s talents to try advance to the later stages of the game. Brazil, Neymar. In 2002, England relied on David Beckham. Sometimes all we need is that one big break to make a difference. But, we all know what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket.

When all eggs are in one basket, and you meet a competition like Germany who has 23 talents each capable enough to carry their own egg, you will not survive the onslaught. What you need to survive the ups and downs of life is support – from co-workers, friends and family. No man is an island, and without friends and family, life isn’t worth the trials and tribulations.

Success isn’t about winning.

This World Cup, we’ve seen so many success stories worth celebrating. Team USA (or the USMNT) made vast improvements in their quality of play. Tim Howard was a huge success thanks to his great on-field performances. Columbia played with tenacity as a team, they were unlucky to lose to hosts Brazil but James Rodriguez played his heart out and his efforts showed. Even the England team has something to celebrate – in Sturridge, Sterling and Welback they have a group of young players that could possibly be the core of the new dream team.

Tim Howard saves gif
(Tim Howard’s saves in one GIF – credit to Yahoo Sports)

In all sports, if you are not the champion, nothing else matters. Winning is everything – at least that’s what the financiers, sponsors and organizers want you to believe. You do not enter a competition to lose, but in life, you don’t have to win every battle. Just the ones that count. The biggest battle in your life that’s worth fighting for is your happiness.

Because that is the true measure of success.

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